I am often asked what resources I use most. Here are some of my favourites.

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I have quite a large collection of brushes but the staples I return to most are my Silver Brush Black Velvets, Jackson's Raven mop brushes and Jackson's Silverline shaped brushes.

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Most of my painting is done with Schminke Horadam watercolours but I also have a large number of Winsor&Newton Professional paints and a few individual Daniel Smith colours

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I try to work mostly on  100% cotton papers from Arches, Hahnemuhle and Winsor&Newton. I prefer cold pressed but do sometimes use hot pressed paper.


Where to buy

Below are links to some of my favourite art retailers, where most of my art supplies come from. Some of these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase through one of them you'll also be making a small contribution to the running of this site.

Watercolour Supplies:

Black Velvet Silver Brushes -  Jackson's

Jackson's Silverline Brushes - Jackson's

Hahnemuhle Watercolour Block - Jackson's

Winsor & Newton 100% Cotton Paper - Jackson's

Arches 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper - Jackson's

Schminke Horadam Watercolour Paints - Jackson's

Winsor&Newton Professional Watercolour Paints - Jackson's

Daniel Smith Watercolour Paints - Jackson's

Other Useful Supplies:

Watertight Palette - Jackson's

Ceramic Mixing Palette (deep well) - Jackson's

Flower Ceramic Mixing Palette - Amazon

Lightweight Drawing Board - Amazon